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Our Kitchen

Our nursery kitchen has been refurbished to a high standard and we are proud to state that we have a five star rating for food and hygiene, and maintain this year by year. This means that we follow all the standards in a safe and hygienic manner, this includes testing temperatures of cooked food and checking the fridge/freezer temperature on a daily basis. We ensure our kitchen is kept spotless and hygienically clean at all times. 

Our chef Silvia prepares freshly cooked food daily, and supplies the children with lunch and tea as well as helping out with any of the cooking activities that the children like to do. Silvia also takes into account any individual dietary needs and will always provide alternatives if needed. Please contact our management team if your child has a specific dietary need. 

All the staff at Stepping Stones have also taken food hygiene training, so that we can ensure food is served in the safest way possible.

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