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Our Menus

All of our meals are designed to provide a substantial, healthy and well-balanced diet, ensuring that they follow healthy eating guidelines. Our mealtimes teach the children to be sociable as we encourage them to sit at the table and talk between their friends and the staff. We also encourage children to use their knives and forks properly as well as encouraging them to help with important tasks such as, handing out the cups and plates and helping to serve themselves.

Although mealtimes are not restricted to times, we tend to follow these routines for our main meals:

8:30 - Breakfast time

10.00 - Mid morning snack

12:00 - Hot lunch

4:00 - Afternoon tea (hot tea for the baby room)

We have a four week rolling menu that always includes at least one oily fish meal and one vegetarian meal during the week. All dietary needs are taken into account and Silvia adapts her recipes in order to adhere to these.


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