​Baby Bear Room

The Baby Bear Room is self sufficient and has a dedicated sleep room, nappy changing area and milk kitchen.Due to the location of the Baby Bear Room the babies have an undisturbed, secure, calm environment where they have plenty of room to explore and play.There is an outside soft surface play area which is accessible from the main room.

This Room caters for children aged between three months and eighteen months of age. The children are introduced to home-from-home care in a friendly loving environment where both the parent and child feel safe, secure and happy

Our baby care is structured around each individual’s routine and requirements. The Nursery staff keep a daily log of each child’s routine i.e. Sleeping pattern (monitored every 10 minutes), eating, nappy changing and development

The toys in the Baby Bear Room are designed to stimulate and encourage the children to develop at their own pace. Fresh air is taken regularly in the Room’s own specially adapted soft surface Outside Play-area and Woodland