Our Play Area.

We have a large play area on site. The play area offers the children space to grow and develop within their physical development, there is a large climbing frame for the children to use, as well as some swings. Furthermore, there are balls, hula hoops, skittles and balancing beams. 

This area also allows the children to develop their understanding of the world through the use of our vegetable patch, in the summer the children have the opportunity to grow vegetables, they are encouraged to nurture and care for the plants, then once they have grown they can pick them and to take them to the nursery cook, who will use the ingredients for lunch. Similarly, there is a strawberry patch for the children to access.    

We have a large sand pit which the children enjoy exploring, this is a wonderful area for all age ranges to use and helps to support their personal, social and emotional development. 

Finally, our play area is situated near the barns and the equestrian ring therefore, the children will often see tractors and horses which they find fascinating.