Little Bear Room 

This large, versatile room is ideal for our toddlers. There are many varied types of equipment and toys for the children to enjoy that stimulate their growing interest and abilities. This room has light-proof curtains and plenty of space for the childrens daily sleep time. The children have easy access to the soft surface play area. 

During the time they spend in Little Bear Room, between the ages of 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 children naturally develop many new skills. The staff continue to work closely with parents to ensure each child’s successful progress in such things as walking, talking, toilet-training, dressing themselves and joining in with group activities. The high staff/child ratio in Little Bear Room ensures that each child reaches their full potential

The Children are encouraged to choose activities ie:. 

painting, playdough and construction. Story times and singing are introduced enabling them to become part of a group. Monkey Music sessions are available once a week on Wednesday morning (at a small additional cost). They also have time playing in the soft-surface outdoor play area and in our adjacent woodland