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Little Bear room

Our Little Bear room is a large ground floor space that is tailored to the specific needs of our toddlers. It is spacious with a high ceiling and yet very cosy and secure. The children are encouraged to explore and discover the wide range of toys and equipment that are readily available for them and easy to access to promote self-confidence and independence. Although, there are a range of child centred learning activities, one to one adult led activities are also provided throughout the day to ensure the children are successfully enabled to make progress and develop in all areas of their learning.

Throughout the Little Bear room, the staff ensure that the environment is rich with language to help develop in communication and language, and also potty training is encouraged. This will take place when your child starts to show signs of being ready and when you, the parent are comfortable with starting to potty train as well, this usually starts around 20 months.

It is important in our Little Bear room that there is a clear pattern to the day which makes a routine that the children will become familiar with and appreciate. Activities throughout the day tend to include, time outside in our woodland or play area, group times, singing and stories and also sleep time. Mealtimes are a calm and focused time, in which the children start to wind down ready for sleep time. The children are able to have a long sleeps, usually for up to 2 hours, in a quiet dark room, however, you may wish to speak to the staff in the room to arrange shorter sleep times if needed for your child.

Little bear 2.JPG
Little bear.JPG

Our little bear room.

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