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Pooh Bear Room 

Our Pooh Bear room is located on the ground floor and is the perfect space for our children who are getting ready for our preschool room. This room caters for 2.5 - 3 year olds, however, this will all depend on the ability of the children, as this room starts to encourage early learning activities that focus on literacy and numeracy skills that they will later develop in the preschool room. 

Our children will start to learn social skills, to share and begin to develop through play and craft activities and they also encounter the concepts of shapes, colours, counting, role-play and many other experiences. Our nursery computer is introduced nurturing the children’s natural curiosity with animated pre-reading, language and maths programmes. Physical activities are also encouraged at this age, through play in the room, outside in the Play Area and regular visits to our woodland.

Similarly to the other rooms, each child has their own development folder, which include observations, pictures and art work, these will be completed by the child's individual key person and is available for the parents to see and take home. These also help towards the assessments of children's development, and help the staff to plan activities for their individual development.

In addition, all rooms including Pooh Bear room, have the opportunity to take part in Monkey Music sessions, please see our additional activities page for more information.

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