Paddington Bear Room​

These rooms complete our childrens preparation for School. They enable the children to have space for undisturbed periods of concentration. The two rooms offer the children opportunities to develop their IT skills, early literacy and numeracy, science and knowledge of the world and to enjoy and participate confidently in formal group times. The children are encouraged to start serving their own snack, lunch and tea in this room. The children make full use of the woodland and the large outside play area. They also go on local walks in the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Paddington Bear Room takes children from three and a half years old. This is a happy stimulating Room where children will be taught the basic educational skills of handwriting, numbers and the alphabet.

Subject areas include art, craft, music, drama, cooking, painting and expressive play. Topic work is followed throughout the year. The Nursery computer is used daily with the children learning through song, music and animation. Each child has their own development folder, which is available for Parents to see daily.


The children in Pooh Bear and Paddington Bear Rooms also have the opportunity to take Monkey Music classes. Each class is held once a week, and if you would like your child to take part, there will be a small extra charge.


To give the children the best preparation for their next step into Primary School, the Room has a staff / children ratio of 1:6.