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Paddington Bear Room​

Our Paddington Bear Room is for our older children and complete our their preparation for school. The room enables the children to have space for undisturbed periods of concentration. The Paddington room offers the children opportunities to develop their IT skills, early literacy and numeracy, science and knowledge of the world and to enjoy and participate confidently in formal group times. The children are also encouraged to independently serve themselves at mealtimes, as well as take on other tasks in the room that develops their self-confidence and independence skills. In addition, the children will make full use of the woodland and the large outside play area on a daily basis and the seven areas of development are also incorporated into our outside area, to ensure that the children are given the best preparation possible for their next step into primary school

Our pre-school room ensures that all topic areas are covered from art, craft and music to cooking, painting and expressive play. In addition, the nursery computer is available to the children throughout the day for the children to learn through songs, music and animations. Our Paddington room has its own outdoor area, which provides them with the option of indoor or outdoor play, ensuring free-flow play is encouraged all day. This area will also allows the children to access the seven areas of development, and is set up each day accordingly.

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